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Corporate Social Responsibility

Based on our core values commitment

EBBEGA's commitment to social responsibility is based on the company's code of conduct. The four commitments we have adopted are:

Providing high quality products for the market

As a natural resource product supplier, EBBEGA's special mission is to innovate product design and rational selection, fully consider the product application cycle, and minimize resource consumption.

Reducing the impact on the environment

EBBEGA pays special attention to the natural environment and human health. In the production and distribution of products, we comply with environmental directives to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized and that people are in harmony with the environment.

Ensuring the future of employees

The EBBEGA Human Resources Policy is committed to providing all employees with a work environment conducive to professional and personal development. This is the fundamental factor for maintaining physical and mental balance and good performance at work. In order to support the development of employees, EBBEGA employs flexible positions and flexible working time mechanisms so that each employee can achieve his own personal development while contributing to the company's development.

Maintaining differentiation in the market

We have determined that our products and services will always remain differentiated in the market. To this end, EBBEGA's research, creation, service and 3D design teams work efficiently every day. The research and development department keeps up with the cutting edge of fashion to provide differentiated products and services for the market. The department will help customers deal with all product related issues. Our professional 3D design team provides customers with a full range of decorative solutions.

In all of our business areas, EBEBGA is close to the consumer to provide its perfect products and services, and we will work with consumers to build an aesthetically pleasing home.